Young People’s Ballet Theatre enriches, inspires, and transforms our community through exceptional dance training and performance.


Three Year Strategic Plan 2015-18:

Goal:   YPBT is a vibrant dance culture and an icon of the arts community.

  • Objective:  Provide excellent classical ballet training for all ages by offering a curriculum that builds on the progressive development of technical skills that honor past traditions and contemporary trends, and by producing full-length storybook ballets.
  • Objective:  Expand our dance curriculum by offering a range of dance genres in addition to ballet, by engaging guest artists and teachers in an on-going exploration of traditional and contemporary dance, by giving students the tools and encouragement to achieve their personal best, by providing teachers with clear objectives and criteria for progressive technical development, and by affirming student progress through formal evaluations.
  • Objective:  Champion performance opportunities that promote dancer confidence and connect YPBT to a broader cultural community through education, outreach, and artistic expression. Collaborate with nonprofits, educational institutions, and for-profit organizations to produce dance events. Engage audiences in learning about ballet and other dance forms.

Goal:  YPBT is equipped to do more than meet its financial needs.

  • Objective:  YPBT Dance School and Dance Company funds 100% of its operations through a matrix of class offerings, and by building and maintaining a reputation for high-quality dance education and value. Engage parents as stakeholders:  a) through appropriate volunteer activities; and b) through on-going communication. Increase tactical marketing opportunities and deliver products that capitalize on the YPBT name and presence.
  • Objective:  A fund development plan that supports:  a) YPBT growth and expansion; b) a reserve fund; and c) exceptional opportunities. Create and follow an on-going fund development plan in coordination with the YPBT business plan. Develop policies for the creation, use, and maintenance of a reserve fund. Begin exploration of capital campaign to support the expansion of YPBT.